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Advanced Volunteer Management Training with Betty Stallings

Leading the Way to Effective Volunteer Partnerships:

A Workshop for Executive Leaders and Volunteer Management Staff


Tuesday, June 16th

9:00-4:30 pm

(9:00-10:30 special session designed for executive leadership)


Location: 2100 Bldg, Seattle, Washington

Workshop Registration Form

(See registration instructions below)


Join United Way of King County and the Volunteer Administrator’s Network (VAN) for a unique opportunity to engage in lively discussion with Betty Stallings, internationally renowned expert in the field of volunteer management and author of 12 Key Actions of Volunteer Program Champions:  CEOs Who Lead the Way and Training Busy Staff To Succeed With Volunteers: The 55 Minute Training Series.

Betty Stallings will present a highly interactive workshop focused on building the elements of an exemplary volunteer program and highlighting the leadership role required by executive staff to ensure successful volunteer partnerships and the dedication and competency needed by all staff to effectively interface with today’s volunteers.  Betty will begin the all-day training session with a special 1.5 hour session devoted to the executive leadership’s role in ensuring exemplary volunteer engagement.  Executive leaders are invited to attend this special session with their volunteer management staff.

Workshop Agenda:

9:00-10:30       Taking the LEAD: The Executive Role in Ensuring Exemplary Volunteer Engagement 


The full day workshop will begin with this 1.5 hour session addressing the importance of organizational commitment and the critical role of senior leadership in effective volunteer engagement.  Executive Directors/CEOs can choose to attend just the morning session with their volunteer management staff.  Don’t miss this unique opportunity to engage in a lively discussion with Betty on the results of research findings from Nonprofit Executive Directors who are Volunteer Engagement Champions.  Presentation will focus on:

  • The 12 key ways executives can support volunteer involvement (Most take very little time!)
  • The return on investment with strong volunteer partnerships (The benefits to the organization are far greater than the resources to support excellence in volunteer engagement.)
  • The challenges of executives to support volunteer engagement, especially in times of financial downturn (Needs are greater, resources are in short supply.)
  • Resources to enhance executive support of volunteer involvement (Some tips and tools to make your support doable!)


10:45-3:30       Building the Elements of an Exemplary Volunteer Program:

Betty will delve into a more in-depth discussion of the 10 essential elements of exemplary volunteer engagement important for volunteer managers and executive leadership.  This section focuses on building the case for organizational commitment to volunteer management; the return on investment of strong volunteer partnerships; and strategies for diminishing barriers to effective volunteer engagement, especially in times of financial downturn, when needs are greater and resources are in short supply.

Section 1 (10:45-12:00) highlights:

  • The leadership role of the volunteer manager
  • The importance of a volunteer engagement philosophy statement
  • Integrating volunteers throughout the organization
  • Understanding trends and cutting edge volunteer engagement strategies

Lunch (noon-1:00): Lunch is included for full-day workshop participants!

Section 2 (1:00-3:30) highlights:

  • Staff partnership, competency and buy-in
  • Strategic planning and volunteer management
  • Attracting and managing diverse volunteers
  • Volunteer-friendly organizations


3:45-4:00         Small group consultation time: Betty will lead the group in responding to specific volunteer management issues/challenges


Full Day Tuition: $85.00        Morning Session Only (9-10:30a): $20.00

Executive leaders may attend the1.5 hour morning session free of charge if they have volunteer management staff registered for the full day. 

To register for the workshop, please click Workshop Registration Form, complete the form and fax to Evelyn Marymee at 206-461-8495.  If you are attending the full day session, we encourage you to invite your Executive Director, Board Chair or another member of your executive leadership team to attend the morning session (complimentary) from 9:00-10:30.  Please include the name and position of the executive leader that will be attending the morning session with you.

Interested in the morning session only?  The cost for the morning session is $20 (except for executive leaders attending with their volunteer managers).  Please indicate on the workshop registration that you are registering for the morning session only.


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